What is Virtual Reality and Can It Be Used to Enhance Our Lives?

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a virtual experience that is substantially different or identical to the real world minus the three dimensions. Many uses of virtual reality are entertainment, business, and education. Some use it to teach and train new types of employees in a manner similar to how an instructor would instruct a class in a real physical school. Business is a good example of a field that is sure to see continued growth due to the uses of virtual reality. In fact, it is one of the quickest growing fields with a wide variety of applications.

What is Virtual Reality?

The military is another field that is sure to take advantage of this emerging technology. Many members of the military are now using augmented reality technology, which allows them to see what their targets are really looking at while they are on a remote military operation in the real world or in an indoor simulator.

This allows them to adjust their movements accordingly, which makes it possible for them to remain concealed and unseen from the enemy. Since most of us are unfamiliar with augmented reality this is a very effective way of teaching us without us even knowing we are learning.

The invention of VR goggles opens up the possibilities of providing an extremely immersive experience with much more clarity than what our five senses can handle. People have used VR to create an augmented reality that is virtually identical to what they would experience in real life.

They are able to look around corners, see faraway objects, zoom in and out and move fast across the room. By immersing the user into the scene with surround sound and natural lighting, they are able to enter into a highly realistic world where they feel like they are in the movie or the game, almost.

Our sense of touch has evolved into a whole new realm with the use of virtual reality. Touch can allow us to penetrate into the worlds of the mind and learn new things about ourselves or others. It can also be used to stimulate the brains in order to solve problems and learn. We may not realize it, but all of our lives we have been using a variety of our five senses. This is basically a way of re-training our brains to work in a different way.

One of the primary uses of the VRE is within the military field. Military leaders have been studying computer-generated environments as a way of training and learning their soldiers. Virtual reality allows them to train in an extremely immersive experience that mimics a real combat environment.

They will be required to operate in hostile territory and operate in urban settings. Within these environments, they will be required to go through intense combat simulations. If the military can successfully master creating these intense and immersive experiences, then they have a solid psychological edge over their enemies.

Children may be taught to embrace the concrete reality of their surroundings without actually being in it. The use of virtual reality in education has been developed so that children can learn without actually having to go into the classroom and deal with students who might not fully understand what they are teaching. They can learn at their own pace and be allowed to learn independently of others.

Adults often turn to computer-generated games in order to improve the way that they think. These types of activities can improve memory and visual perception skills, even helping people who have trouble with concentration and focus. While these types of activities are not specifically for adults, they are often used by computer programmers and designers as an educational tool for children as well. Many people are unaware of the ways that virtual reality can help people.

These are just a few of the ways that virtual reality is being used in everyday life. Even though the technology to create an artificial environment for people has always been present for a long time, it has only been within the last couple of decades that the quality and realism of the graphics in computer-generated games have become commonplace.

We are now living in an era where we can virtually travel to other worlds. Computer games like Virtual Reality or Daydream are combining the best of the virtual reality field with the development of computer-generated engineering. These are just a few of the exciting things that we can look forward to in the near future.

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